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Here you will find useful information about YouTube as well as a list of sources that you can use for your ICT social media coursework!



YouTube don’t have an audience in particular but the creators may have a specific target audience. For example, Roman Atwood gives off a positive feel in all of his videos, spreading happiness and having fun with his family which could be aimed at everyone but younger children in particular compared to other age groups. YouTube allow their creators make content for people of their own accord which will appeal to their target audience.

The growth of YouTube over the years has changed as more people have used it and its popularity has grown massively. The amount of the creators is increasing and similarly, the views on their videos are also growing because of the mass amount of users. There is currently, on average, 1 billion + users per month as supposed to little under 100 when the website was first launched.


The main purpose of YouTube is to share content and give people both information, updates and entertainment of things around the world. It ca be used like a news channel, education, gaming, vlogging, makeup and beauty and many many more. The videos can teach you new things or purely for entertainment purposes. The business can take advantage of the ‘hot videos’ section which will promote your video as it has had a lot of views in very few seconds. They can use tutorials on how to set up devices or give more in depth information on their products which can’t be posted on other social media platforms don’t support videos. The site is used to upload videos which are either promote, educate and entertain the public whereas an app like twitter doesn’t support videos longer than a certain duration this is because they want their users to use status’ and photos. The business will use YouTube to show you the insides and how the product is used whereas on twitter it would just be a short status with a photo attached.