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Here you will find useful information about LinkedIn as well as a list of sources that you can use for your ICT social media coursework!



LinkedIn, has an age limit of 18, as more students need to find places to work and study in the future. LinkedIn main demographic is middle aged men who live in urban areas with a high income. These people are normally in business with others or professionals that want to get in contact with other business people.


LinkedIn aim is to allow users to show off their experience in the business world and also advertise their business to other businesses. This also allows people to find jobs in areas that they want to work at. LinkedIn allows users to network, this means that many businesses can expand and grow because they networked through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn started in 2003 and has grown from 4500 to 450 million users since then. LinkedIn has “More than 9,900 full-time employees with offices in 30 cities around the world” and it has “more than 450 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

LinkedIn has a get introduced feature which allows the business the 2nd degree connections which are connections of your 1st degree connections: “First-degree connections; they’re the people you’re directly connected to because they’ve accepted your invitation or you’ve accepted theirs. (Second-degree connections are people on LinkedIn who are connected to your first degrees and third degrees are connected to your second degrees.)”

Each year they earned an increasing amount, 2009 the earned $120.1 million and in 2015 they earned $2,991 million. They are earning more and expanding there company.

This allows first degree connections to form trust with your business through introducing them with their connections. Your business can then get introduced to new colleagues which may lead to your business expanding.

“You can use the Sharing Bookmarklet to conveniently share articles and websites with your LinkedIn network directly from your browser.”

This will allow you and your connections to share interest and you may be able to help them out and form a bond.

They have a feature which shows you what you have in common with other users. With this you can send a message that is personalised to the interests that you share with them, this makes them more likely to reply as they have the same interest. An example: “I can click on Causes, Skills or Groups and LinkedIn will tell me the interests that Jeff and I share. Then when I reach out to Jeff, I can personalize my message (or introduction request) with those shared interests, giving us some common ground and increasing the chances that he will respond to my request, message or introduction.”